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We define home depending on what we feel or where we want it to be. Sometimes home can be a physical place where you stay, and feel safe and happy, while for others, home can be a person. Certain people define home as where your heart may be. But, are we sure that this is the home that brings us joy forever? Yes, these places or people we call home can also be a comfortable and safe place or situation for us to live in. But, the happiness we feel in those places or people is not forever. However, there is only one place where we can find everlasting happiness. This place will be filled with joy, safety, and with no problems. One day we will all go there, but we have to find the key here on earth while we can.

“This World is Not My Home” dated back to 1924 when it was first recorded by Stovepipe No.1. After seven years, the song was recorded by a band called Golden Echo Quartet in 1930. Other artists who released a rendition of “This World is Not My Home” were The Carter Family in 1931, Hank Thompson in 1950, and John D. Loudermilk in 1968.

Jim Reeves’ soothing voice adds a beautiful touch to this heartfelt song “This World is Not My Home.”  It is a popular Christian hymn performed in churches and by many artists. Reeves recorded this song in June 1962. His rendition of “This World is Not My Home” was included in his album We Thank Thee.

It’s a Christian song that talks about a home called heaven where you will meet your loved ones again. It is a holy place where God dwells in and looks after His people. In this hymn, the narrator is fully aware that his life here on earth is just temporary. He knows that he will die soon, but he is not afraid of it. The narrator believes also that God has prepared a beautiful place for him. Therefore, he is looking forward to going to a place that he can truly call his home.


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  1. Do not forget Albert Brumley! He was a gospel songwriter from Oklahoma and one of the songs he wrote was “I’ll fly Away.” Brumley also popularized the song “This World Is Not My Home.” I liked “I’ll Fly Away” and looked up Albert Brumley. That’s how I learned about “This World Is Not My Home,” which is now my favorite gospel song!

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