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The year was 1963 and one of the biggest hit records across America, was the Cascades “Rhythm Of The Rain.” There was not a bigger record in 63’ than this song, especially in mid-America where pop ballads with harmony and melody made it a sure bet million seller.

The newly named Cascades saw their first release on Valiant with “There’s A Reason/Second Chance” (Valiant 6021). It came out in the summer of 1962. The record became a regional hit on the West Coast, giving Valiant more hope for the band as a potential chart maker. They re-entered the studio in November of 1962 and recorded their second record for Valiant. It was the recording that they are best remembered for, “Rhythm of The Rain/Let Me Be” (Valiant 6026). Helping the group on creating the sound for “Rhythm Of The Rain,” Valiant Records hired the entire Wrecking Crew studio musicians team. The Wrecking Crew were unquestionably the best studio musicians in the business and who also backed the Beach Boys on ALL of their records.

In early 1963, the record first broke out in Milwaukee, Wis., then swept across the nation and become #1 on the Billboard charts. Soon it was selling like crazy across Europe and the Far East. It was no surprise that it broke out in a Midwest market, as the sound of “Rhythm on The Rain,” fit the Midwest radio playlist so well. It was time for the Cascades to hit the road. Their popularity in the Midwest was second to none, so when the Cascades pulled into Hatfield to play the famed Hollyhock ballroom in April of 1963, it was a BIG deal. It didn’t hurt that “Rhythm of The Rain” was still hot on the charts, especially around Minnesota. On this tour they played such other ballrooms as the Surf in Clear Lake, Iowa, The Laramar in Ft. Dodge, Iowa and the Roof Garden Ballroom at Lake Okoboji, Iowa. This was just a few of the venues at which they performed.


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